Choose Love

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Choose Love

I recognise I have chosen fear, and I choose again. I choose love - Gabrielle Bernstein

Love is the greatest and most powerful emotion we can experience. To feel true love and to give true love to both others and yourself unconditionally is not something you can fake. Some of us love more than others and some of us show our love in different ways. To feel it and to give it whole heartedly is just an amazing feeling.

When we live in a constant state of fear or stress our ability to receive & give love is hindered. Life can get shitty and as a result you shut down and you can feel hatred and anger towards yourself, the ones around you and sometimes everyone & everything. The ability to see your blessings in life is deeply overshadowed by fear, anger stress & pain. Sometimes if you have lived in a constant state of fear be it small or large you can get to a point where you feel unlovable and you feel you don't deserve to be loved. I have been at this point and I can tell you it is utterly fucked and one of the most painful things I have ever put myself through. In this state the bravest thing you can do is to love yourself even if it feels difficult to do it. Choose to love everything about yourself - your cellulite, your freckles, your bum, your acne, your weight, your hair - your whole body and most importantly your mind - why? Because everything about you is awesome!!! Some days will be harder than others but remember that you are amazing and you are loved. You are the only you in this world and that's what makes you special.

Sarah x

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