July Moon

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July Moon

The July full moon in the Southern hemisphere is sometimes referred to as the Wolf Moon but also known as the Old Moon, Ice Moon or Snow Moon. It is known as the Thunder Moon or Buck Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the Southern Hemisphere the July Full Moon indicates that the build up to winter has passed and the cold has settled in. The winter season, where the Sun has its least amount of light and therefore we experience the colder months.

Full Moon

The beginning of Winter is the perfect time for reflection, looking within, gathering your energy, and slowing down to regrow from within as does nature during winter. The July Full Moon falls on the 9th July 2:07 pm AEST in the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn. This Full Moon energy is extremely intense, activating the energy of transformation, which means there will be an intense desire to change things in your life. This Full Moon energy will definitely give you the courage and stamina to climb higher and reach further in your life.

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